I will be away on a diving trip to Cebu. Will blog about it when I come back! I promie!!! wahahah! So people do stay in tune. Now I have a underwater cam. That means you get to see me in water with fishes and my fats!!! LOL~

One year ago

On the very same day, one year ago, at this very moment, I was at P. Tekong lying down on the bed and wondering how army was going to be like.

On this very day, I celebrate my one year anniversary being in the SAF. Just one more bloody year to go before I hear the three letters that most young adults want to hear. ORD. I can still remember the training days at BMT. Ah~ Takes me back a little. It was hell but yet fun. Everyone else was suffering with you and somehow, it feels somewhat less horrendous than it's supposed to be.

After all that crap I've been through, POP came and it felt almost surreal. I was glad yet sad that I have to leave my SGTs and sir's. I am no longer in the comfort zone where punishment was just as simple as doing push ups anymore. Now, every single mistake we make, its all about signing extra guard duties and with a little luck, maybe SOL or DB. I shan't bother explaining all the abbreviations. Too lazy to and have been asked once too many times.

Looking back at the pictures taken during POP made me realise that army is not that terrible at all. It has its share of fun as well as its share of crap where all of us has to take in one way or the other. Long gone are the days where SGT and Sir punish us for no apparent reason. In comparison to the past, army has certainly been better. When the older generation tells you how scary army is, tell them that they are fucking talking crap and then enter your passageway to adulthood and experience it yourself.

Anyways, was supposed to post these pictures up when I POP, but I am a tad bit too late. So, here it is now. Enjoy. This is Wei Xin signing off for the night and there's only 1 more year to go. Hang in there!

Pardon the lousy quality.

The perfect girl

Isn't it every guy's dream to meet that perfect girl? The one with looks so good that you start to wonder if your eyes are looking at a mirage. The one with a body so hot that you might instantaneously combust into nothingness if you stand too near her. Or perhaps the one with the intellect that would blow you (one way or the other) away when you converse with her. The one with the heart so kind that you are half expecting to see a halo radiating with light above her head.

I am sure most guys would want that in the girl he really really likes. But let us leave this folklore about the perfect girl which in case you guys do not know, does not exist at all, and return to this harsh cold reality where girls are more, erm, normal.

What I am about to describe are the attributes that would make an almost perfect girl to MY liking. I will not be far fetched and say things impossible for people to actually achieve. Rather keeping it down to earth so I might be able to actually find such a girl. If anyone watched, "The Ugly Truth", they mentioned that all guys are so sex driven and that is all they want in a girl, I would dare say that its crap and not so true at all. Hey, I ain't proclaiming that I am gay nor am I trying to prove that I am one level above the so called male species. In fact, I admit to thinking about sex most of the times. It is just that I don't show it. What I am trying to say is that as much as females are looking for love in a romance, we males are looking for the same thing too. Then again, it is just a movie, so I am not going to argue much on this whole "man are sex-hungry monsters" thing.

On to my list of attributes that would contribute to the ALMOST perfect girl (again), to MY liking.

1. I like all things cute. There isn't a need for my perfect girl to be ridiculously beautiful. She just has to be cute. Of cos, being beautiful is a bonus. (Does this explain anything? Lol~)

2. No short hair please.

3. Able to converse intelligently. I don't need you to speak to me about quantum mechanics or shit like these. Just being able to perfectly bring across your point and have constructing arguments, I am very much interested in you already.

4. Ability to withstand the fact that most of my friends are girls and that you will never restrict me from hanging out with them due to your jealousy or insecurity.

5. Please. Do. Not. Defy. Logic.

See. 5 simple rules is all it takes to be my almost perfect girl. LOL~

But then again, I don't expect everyone to be like that. Besides, being in love is all about accepting the flaws and finding the perfection in others rather than loving them for their perfection. In case you are wondering why the sudden post, it is to address someone who asked me such a question.

Long week ahead. I wish those who are having exams now the best and make sure to aim for the top! Woosh! Took me quite a while to come up with something like that. Haha~

Should I or should I not?

I have been wanting to take up boxing for quite some time. Yes you heard me. I don't mean boxing as in puting someone or something in a box but rather the sport BOXING where you punch the bejabbers out of someone.

Before you start bursting out at how I will be a punching bag to others most of the time, I really wanted to take up some sport and some kind of martial art. So, anyone interested? Maybe we can go to the boxing gym and make some new friends and learn a new skill.


New skin

Ok. This shall be a very short post although it has been a while since I blogged.

I just changed the outlook to something more nice looking until I find some unknowing victim to help me make a customised skin. This new outlook will also mark my return to the blogsphere as I will definitely be coming here more often now.

Till then people. Have fun and try not to miss me too much. I still love you guys. :)

*Barfs at my own words.* Urgh!